If you've been put in charge of your organization's 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon or Marathon you may or may not be aware of the prestigious new title that you now possess.  You are officially the Race Director!  Don't fret, your current fears and anxieties have been felt by every Race Director.  Some of them muscled their way through till race day and found success through blind luck but some (most) struggled their way to the starting line, learning from mistakes that have been made by all of us,  and were left on race day with every nerve ending shot, wondering where they went wrong.  Get Set Go Road Race Consulting wants to help make your experience a positive one.  With a positive experience you will find that not only are you a happier (and saner) person but that your participants, volunteers and vendors will enjoy themselves and look forward to next year's event.  They'll challenge their friends, family and co-workers to join them next year and you will be rewarded with the unique satisfaction of creating a Legacy Event, an event that carries on for years, even beyond your involvement!
Budget Development 
Preparing a budget and understanding the costs associated with your event are fundamental to its success.  The budget is the most challenging, simply because you don't know what you don't know (did you remember safety pins?)  Get Set Go can help you navigate through this crucial step.  
During the budget process, some of our clients realize that they simply are not prepared financially or do not have the human resources needed for their event to be a success.  It is far better to come to this realization early than to push forward and have 200+ angry participants standing in front of you.   
Once a budget is set, Get Set Go can offer guidance through the purchasing phase by assisting with preparation of  RFQs (request for quotes) for the various vendors to ensure that you are getting the best value for your dollars.  Get Set Go can also assist you with understanding the best practices for securing funding for your event through grassroots fundraising, marketing and social media outlets.
Course Logisitics
Designing a course and laying out the logistical needs can be a very daunting task.  Courses must be:  safe, accessable to support personnel, removed from traffic, approved by local police and municipalities and most importantly, accurate.  Get Set Go has a proven history of:  designing courses in some of the most challenging areas, providing the level of accuracy needed to secure USATF certification and record eligibility and working with local municipalities to secure permitting and Police support for the event.  We'll work within the available parameters to design and measure a course that will be safe for everyone and keep participants coming back for years to come.  
USATF Course Certification
Distance Accuracy
The most basic reason for USATF Certification is that runners of all ability levels want to know that they are actually running the advertised distance.  Can you imagine running a 5K (3.11 miles) only to learn later that the actual distance was only 2.85 miles?  We have witnessed such events and the surprised looks on the faces of runners who discover this kind of inaccuracy about a race they have run.  In fact, over 95% of all courses measured by any other means than USATF/RRTC standards are short by 5%, 10% or even more!  The great thing about USATF Certification is that the certificate is good for 10 years. 
Performance Comparability
Anyone who has run or walked a certified course of the same distance as your event wants to know how his/her performance compares to a prior performance or against those of friends, family and competitors.  USATF Certification ensures that every course of a specified distance is exactly the same when laid out properly.  It is then possble for your participant to gauge his/her performance and compare it to others of the same gender and/or age group.  Additionally, as your event grows each year, participants can see how their performance on your course develops each year.  This concept is key to developing loyalty to your event and producing "legacy runners" for years to come.
Why cant I just measure my course with my GPS device or one of the many online mapping services?
No practical procedure other than the USATF/RRTC method has ever been devised that is acceptably accurate.  The RRTC (Road Racing Technical Committee) and the USA Track&Field review all measuring technologies perennially to ensure that its practices are up to date.  Course Measurers follow a very specific method using very precise calculations when completing their measurements.  GPS devices, while adequate for locating points on a map or on the ground, have been repeatedly tested by the RRTC and have been shown to be inadequate for distance measurement.  The is true for all online mapping tools.  While "it's close enough" may seem adequate to you, it is simply not true for even the most beginner participant.
Learn more about USATF Certification and what the RRTC has to say


Depending on the state or local municipality, permitting can prove to be a challenging experience.  Some towns love runners and love what running events bring.  They see the positive impact on local businesses and get excited at the opportunity to showcase their town to new visitors.  Others are not so welcoming or accomodating to those who wish to organize an event.  These unwelcome feelings can be rooted in a variety of different reasons.  If the local demographic or town officials are not comprised of runners, they simply may not be interested in entertaining the idea.  Police may not be willing or have the budget/manpower to support the staffing needed to manage traffic flow during an event.  Often times, the Town Council, Law Enforcement and local residents have experienced an event at some time in the past that was a poorly planned, improperly executed event that has left them with a bad experience.  The failures of one poorly managed race organization has led them to the conclusion that supporting a running event is simply more trouble than its worth. 

Get Set Go operates on the 6 P's of success:  Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.  By working closely with the various town departments and citizens, we are able to instill the confidence that our event will not only be a success for the race organization but also for the town and its residents.  This comes from understanding the overall impact that the event will bring to the town.  It is through the countless challenges that have been overcome in past events and the lessons learned from each new event that we are able to present and execute a plan that will get you invited back for years to come and open the town up to other great running and endurance events.  Bringing a successfull running event to a town that does not have a large running or fitness minded populace can have a positive and motivating effect on the residents.  Your well planned and properly executed event can have a resounding impact that will reach far beyond your race day!

Vendor Selection

Directing a running event can be compared to the responsibilities of a Project Manager.  Time, Money, Scope and Resources must be properly managed in order to stay within the budget limits of the event.  The ability to properly write RFQ's (Request for Quotes) and select vendors based on factors that include much more than simply price is essential to a successful event.  Someone once said "only a rich man can afford cheap paint".  Just like other industries, in the Road Race industry, you get what you paid for.  Writing a clear scope of services requested comes first from knowing what it is that you want.  Experience from past pitfalls and the mistakes of others is crucial to knowing how to write a clear RFQ. 
Strong negotiation skills are needed to ensure that leakproof agreements are executed and vendors are held to the services that were agreed upon.  Get Set Go has the experience and savvey to ensure the very best vendors are selected for your individual needs.